This was one of my less frustrating experiences with a patient. We had gone through the normal routine of doing their exam, giving her a diagnosis and treatment plan, when we got the questions about payment.

“Can I pay for this later?”

“No. Payment is at the time of service.”

“Can I get a discount? I can’t afford all this. I’m going on vacation in a few months and I don’t make a lot of money.”

“I’m sorry, maybe you’d like to look into Care Credit to help pay for the services?”

Her last attempt was the best.

“Well maybe we can barter? I’m not as young as I used to be but I can dance and used to entertain at parties when I was younger. I can’t drop it like it’s hot anymore honey but I can drop it like it’s warm! Whoooooo!” As she proceeded to wiggle in hula-hoop fashion while still sitting in the chair.

After trying not to laugh out loud and keep it to a visible smile, I quickly excused myself from the room and had an assistant take over. I don’t know what was funnier. Picturing her actually dancing for the office with her walker or her persistence.

Patients. . .

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