Google Knows Best

Patients who use Google before they come to the office are suddenly experts.

Years of training just makes you “a doctor” but you still know nothing because we are only here to take your money and lie to you apparently.

“Mrs. B, you have an infection. I’m going to give you a round of antibiotics that treat this particular strain of bacteria and we will check the area again in a week.”

“Oh no I’m okay. I’m just going to use coconut oil.”


“Oh I don’t want any of those harmful chemicals. I read it on Google. I’ll just use coconut oil on the area and take some tumeric.”

” . . you do realize that this infection is very large and can travel into your bloodstream if we don’t take care of it immediately.”

“Well this lady who used it is okay and other people I read are doing it. I just don’t believe in big pharma they’re just trying to take my money.”

Lady came back a month later. Infection doubled. Sent her to the ER.

Don’t use Google to be a doctor.

Patients. . .

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