Making Patients Happy

Ok this post is for all of the “entitled” patients who walk in to the office.

It used to be that people came in to the office when they had a problem and wanted us to fix it. They come in pain, leave out of pain. They’re happy.

Nowadays people don’t see dentistry as a medical profession anymore. It’s been perverted into a fruity service industry of professionals whose job isn’t just to do what they’ve been trained to do (which is to fix your medical/dental problem) but they MUST make you happy in the process.

We didn’t offer you a free gift for coming?

“What? You don’t offer foot massages and glasses of wine? My office I went to before did.”

You want me to talk to you for an hour to make you feel wanted and learn the names of all your children and pets and all the places you’re traveling before ending your first visit so you feel you got your moneys worth?

Here’s the one we got today:

“The work he did was great. I just feel like he didn’t take the time to talk to me after he finished to ensure that I was happy with it, hand me a mirror so I could look and we could talk about it together. He comes in the room and does his work and then leaves the assistant to wrap things up. I just felt like he didn’t want to make me happy.”

I see between 30 and 50 patients a day.  I don’t have time for that sort of nonsense. Sure I give the introductions, some brief small talk, and over time I’ll get to know you as you come for more recall exams and build a relationship with the practice and me. When I finish a procedure I tell you how to take care of it, give you post-op instructions, and tell you to have a wonderful afternoon. If it’s an esthetic area I show it to you and make sure you like it. It’s not show and tell hour to explain every facet of my work to you in the hopes that it then makes you happy.

When you go and get a cast on your arm in the ER do they do any of these things to make you have a super duper happy experience? No. Why? Because they treat people. It isn’t a medical side show. If you need to feel wanted and loved when you leave the office maybe you’re in the wrong place. Get a puppy. Or a Xanax.

Patients. . .


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