Smells like. . poop?

This one was fun (aren’t they all?). Had a patient who wanted to have a tooth extracted. First question out of their mouths after avidly giving me the stink eye (like I was the one who put them in this situation) was:

“So DOC, Imma ask you a question. WHAT are you giving me for PAIN?”


“What? You mean I’m not gettin’ Percocet???”

“No. You don’t need it.”

“What?? Nah forget this then I ain’t doin’ this”

“Ok just let us know if you change your mind.”

“Nah nah fine, whatever I’ll just go to the ER and I have some at home anyway.”

. . . “Ok. . ?”

“Nah I just gotta get this tooth outta here ya know what I’m sayin’ it hurts and it smells like poop.”

. . . Ok??? Don’t know what your extracurricular activities are but whatever boss. .

Patients. . .

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