Just had a person come in who wanted a comprehensive exam as a new patient.

He stated he had chickened out the last time he scheduled to come in but was READY this time.

He was not ready.

I mean, pretty much everywhere you go for services (the bank, a massage, buying a piece of furniture, even out to eat) requires you to read and fill out/sign something.

Why would coming to a dental office when we’ve never seen you before be any different?

Patient stares down at the paperwork and then back at the receptionist in a “how dare you hand me this nonsense” look and says:

“I can’t read this. I don’t have my glasses with me. I mean all I can see are straight lines.”

He continues to stare at the receptionist like he’s expecting her to solve his problems and magically produce a pair of glasses for him. She says

“Ok? Well we can just have the staff read over it for you then. . ”

Then he proceeds to hand to hand the receptionist his “insurance” card.

It was his pharmacy card.

If you can’t see, bring your glasses. Don’t even know how you’re driving here like that.

Patients. . .


Here is the first post of I’m sure to be many about patients and insurance.

Just because you have an insurance card doesn’t mean that your treatment is covered 100%.

Twice today we have had patients come in to the office, went through the standard exam and treatment plan, and when they were presented with the fees, we get:

“Oh no this is wrong you need to recheck this. I have insurance I don’t owe anything.”

I love how they think having insurance (even the stupid discount plans) is a free pass to healthcare. Some of these plans don’t cover but 50% of one filling once a year!

Read your insurance plans people before signing up. No I’m not giving you a discount because you bought crappy insurance. It’s not my fault.

Patients. . .